Marion Potschin is the Director of Fabis Consulting and principal researcher. She was trained as a natural scientist in soils and geomorphology, but for the last 25 years her work has focussed on inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to research and teaching in landscape issues. This has involved extensive collaboration with organisations across the Europe, including the European Commission, for which she has acted as a reviewer and evaluator. During her earlier career she worked at the University of Basel, where she obtained her PhD (1995, Soil Water Chemistry in Spitsbergen) and her professorial degree (Habilitation 2002, Sustainable Landscape Development). She undertook her initial studies at the Universities of Mainz (Germany) and Carleton (Canada). She held the post of Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Environmental Management in the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham until October 2016.

Roy Haines-Young is also a Principal Researcher with Fabis, and emeritus professor at the University of Nottingham. He was trained as a natural scientist, obtaining a PhD from King’s College (London) and a BSc from the University of Sussex. He also has an MA in IT from the University of Nottingham. He has sought to develop a strong social content in his work, which addresses the need for a science that is responsive to the wider public debates about environmental issues. He has collaborated extensively with the policy makers in UK Central Government and it agencies, and worked alongside a number of European organisations.